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[edit] 為什麼是Wiki?

Don't tell me what I can't do


這個世界上沒有不受限制的絕對的自由。但是,人們總能夠做一些事情,令自己感覺到自由。心靈的自由對你我而言就是最真實的自由。Wiki 就意味著這樣一種自由,一種協作的自由。不同於 Forum 中你來我往的一片聒噪,也不是自說自話的 solo ——甚麼是 community ? 社區不應是貌合神離,如果只是形式上或形骸的彙聚,紛亂的思緒,而沒有一個共同的主題,那就算不上一個積極的社區。Wiki 的方針從不指向這樣的社區。Wiki 的眼光總投向一個方向,那個方向就是 wikians 的事業、目標和理想。Wikipedia 的方向是一部生機勃勃花團錦簇的百科全書,我們的方向是一個韻學愛好者的學社、書院、俱樂部和 repository。 ——在這裏,磚頭就是磚頭,物得其所,不再是廝打的工具。

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You should follow these instructions.

You can add to, modify, or delete any part of this page or other pages in the EditThis Wiki. Click the "edit" tab at the top to edit the whole page, or one of the "edit" links within the page to edit that specific part. Then click save page, and you will have changed the page! Have fun, and edit the Problems and suggestions page to post questions.

If you delete someone else's information make sure it is for a good reason. If you have found that someone trashed a page by messing up what has been done so far click on the "history" tab at the top of the page, and click the second date from the top. If the page is still messed up, try the third, the fourth, etc. Once you find the highest-up version that is not messed up, click the edit tab and save it. If people disagree about what a certain page should contain, they can discuss it in "discussion", a tab at the top of the page.

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